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Its nearly that time again!

The 3rd Quarter of the Spanish Tax year, and for Autonomo's you may also need to submit a IVA quarter return too, if you haven't opted out on the modelo 036/037

Rental property owners resident and Non resident are also required to submit quarterly returns.

Everyone who is Autonomo know that their quarter returns are due by the 15th if you want to pay online and avoid any late payment or late submissions but definitely by the 20th if you can pay at the bank the same day, again to avoid any late payment fines if money is due.

If you already have a system in place to keep your books in order but are unsure of the submission, let me take care of this for you, if you have a digital certificate it can be submitted the same day, but if you require PODER, then this needs permission and can take time, if you haven't already got a digital certificate now is the time to consider getting one for all the benefits it as. I can assist in obtaining this

If you have been struggling with work and not had the time, let me have a look and put them in order for you,I can continue or offer advise on putting a system in place, these are important not only to get your accounts correct and the submissions right but to have them prepared should you be expected to show them to Hacienda.

I also know of expenses that can legally be claimed that you may not be aware of yet, including my fee and 20% in the first 2 years of being Autonomo.

While non residents who rent out properties cannot claim back expenses, they still need to submit the quarter and subsequent yearly returns.

All resident property owners have a number of expenses they can put through and if you are unsure of this, I can guess my fee will be worth the expense that can be claimed back to save you further money on expenses you might nor be aware of!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, either by Whatsapp 605 38 63 13,

or on here to my email address

I do not charge a one for all fee,I always base it on the individual circumstances and I always discuss everything first so I can make sure you are getting what you ask for and making sure you know what is needed.

Don't forget I can also help with your UK accounts too.

Please just ask for details.

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