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A Wide Range of Accountancy Skills at Your Disposal
UK and Spanish Accountant


If you are Automono and you want to just get on with your work, let me take care of the accounts, all you need to do is give me your income and expenses and I can do the rest. Prices start at €45 depending on Type of business.

Includes All modelos needed


IF you want help to submit your quarter returns, to include the Tax 130 and IVA 303 i can help submit these along with any retainer tax 111

Price from €55

La Renta
End of Year Uk Returns

Both are due every year.

La renta by the 30th June,  and the Uk Return by the 31st January

After your first tax year in Spain and for the previous year.

Both do include any rental properties, dividends, shares and other income to add.

They can be joint with a spouse or done separately 

Prices start at €75


I can help with the set up which includes the registration on the RETA

(social Security) registering your IAE to let the AEAT know what your profession is, and finally generating the medical certificate you are entitled too

Prices start from €180

Digital Cert.

This is essential for many things and needed to file tax returns, keep a check on any notifications and answer any queries needed, easy to apply for and just requires a 5 minute ID check

Price at €30

Non Resident Tax

 This tax is due for All Non Resident House Owners, it is due the following year by the 31st December.

The calculation is for the number of days that you spend in Spain. 

It isn't  a lot to worry about but must be done and is essential for, if and when you come to sell your house and aid in any future issues

Prices from €45


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