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Non Lucrative Visa



What is the Non Lucrative Visa?

The Non Lucrative Visa(NLV) is designed for non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss foreigners who wish to live full time in Spain, but without working there or making a large investment in the country (such as for the Spain Golden Visa).

(NLV) allows foreigners to get residency based on proof of sufficient economic means, originating from a source outside Spain, €28,800 being the required amount for the 1st Person, Iprem amount for 2nd and Subsequent €7,200.

*Iprem will change soon.

These amounts can be made up of passive income (state pension, occupational pensions), savings (including investments and pension pots) or a combination of the two.

*€28,800 for information is 4 X IPREM (Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples).

The IPREM is announced by the Spanish authorities annually in January, it can increase so you need to be aware that financial requirements can also increase.

We do accept unmarried Partners,  and have had many approved without any problems. 


Whats Next After Approval?

Once you have the Approval, the NIE if you haven't got one already will be issued and in your Visa, you will be asked to pick up the Visa in your passport, if they have allowed this, or it will be delivered with the Visa inside. 

The Visa is a Schengen visa that lasts for 90 days, this allows the time to come into spain to get organised, you can ask for multiple entries to avoid the TIE starting if you are not ready, most are at this point! 

Once here, we can give you links and advice on obtaining the padron but it does differ in all areas, so we cannot attend and do not charge for this, it is needed for the TIE appointment. 

Once you have the Padron we do however get you appointments for your TIE, supply all paperwork and instructions, we don't attend as we think keeping our prices low is better and it's such a simple process that they do every day at the immigrations so it's not a reason to worry, the 30 days from entry to obtain the TIE on consulate paperwork, is a little out of date as they are aware of appointments being hard to get in some areas, so please do not let this worry you. 

We will eventually get you an appointment in any area of Spain with Expay. 


What is the Process

Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. 

We at Expay, actually do have a 100% success rate for the initial NLV and have many reviews on the website with their own page!

We will assess your individual application,as it can change depending on where you are applying from. 

Once you have filled in the Expay form, we look at what is needed in your Consulate, we then comply a list for what we need for your individual appointment.

A Police report is always
needed from the last country you have sp
ent the past 5 years, we apply for this, get it Translated and Apostille. (UK only)

Other Countries, we will explain once we know, and do have companies we are in talks with to assist with all the FBI reports and apostles for these, details soon.

Certificate of good health - issued in accordance with the 2005 international health regulations, this we apply for and have this Translated and Apostille(UK only) We wil provide the form required for other consulates.

We will update any  Birth certificates for under 16 only, have these also Translated and Apostille.

Healthcare, We have a company that works exclusively with us to provide you with the best service and quotes from over 30 insurers, to ensure the best for you.

If you are a UK resident in receipt of your retirement pension then you can obtain the S1, this we can advice and provide links for free but we can also assist as a representative for a Fee of €35 

Marriage Certificates have not been requested lately but can be obtained updated, apostle and translated for a Fee


Main Requirements ;
Passport Valid with at least a year
Healthcare must be a Spanish company or S1 if UK

Certificate of Good health
Monetary resources
P45, or cessation of business

Birth Certificates for under 18 only
Marriage Certificates if applicable
You will be given a complete list 


We supply all paperwork, assist with appointments and instructions, provide the requirements from the Consulate you apply at and we are with you all the way.

From other countries we can advice and usually obtain the paperwork needed or supply links to use. 

Prices start at €950 and is all inclusive apart from the insurance which you will get prices for, and so increase with age.
Other countries i will adapt to suit your application and price accordingly.


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