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New to Expay! 

Student Visas at Last! Along with our Non Lucrative Visas NLV,                  

We are now assisting with the Student Visas.

Study visa

​Visa for stays exceeding 90 days for studies, training, internships, or volunteer work. This visa may also be issued for au pairs and teaching assistants (auxiliares de conversación).  Those studying in Spain for ​​less than  90 days do not need a student visa. Depending on the applicant's nationality, a short-stay visa may be required (see “Schengen visas"). 

The following family members may obtain a visa to accompany the student: 

  • Spouse or civil partner

  • Children who are minors or have a disability

Visas for students' family members do not constitute a work permit.

Activities that Merit a Student Visa

  • Full-time (minimum of 20 hours per week) studies at an accredited school or educational center that will result in a degree, diploma, or certificate

  • Doctoral studies

  • Training activities

  • Secondary school (middle or high school) exchange programs with an accredited school or scientific center.

  • Internships or traineeships at public or private entities that do not qualify for an internship visa (see “Internship visa")

  • Volunteer services for programs working in areas of general and/or public interest

  • “Au pair" programs

  • Teaching assistants (auxiliaries de conversación)

 Requirements to include,

  • Acro Report/FBI Report/police Report, Translated and Apostilled

  • Doctors Certififcate of Good health,Translated and Apostilled

  • Visa application, Ex01 and Tasa.

(All the above is included with the Cost with Expay.)

Financial Requirement,

Proof of financial means.

The applicant must provide an original and copy of documents certifying that they (or the legal representative or relative that supports them) has sufficient financial means to cover the expenses of student’s stay and return, as well as that of the family members accompanying him/her. The minimum required amount is equivalent to 100% of Spain's Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator (IPREM). 75% of the IPREM must be added for the first accompanying family member and 50% for each additional family member.

Proof of acceptance for the study, training or volunteer activity or internship.

The applicant should provide an original and copy of the document proving:

  • Acceptance to an accredited school for full-time studies

  • Acceptance to a research or training center

  • Acceptance to a student exchange program, including proof of acceptance to a school, accommodations with a family or at an institution, and the organizer’s commitment to cover these expenses

  • Acceptance for an unpaid internship (signed contract)

  • Acceptance to a volunteer program (contract with the volunteering organization)

Among more...

We at Expay will help you with your Visa and be of help along the way.

We have our own dedicated Insurance Company who will seek the best insurance to suit you.

We apply for the Acro reports, assist with the FBI or other Police report, Help in obtaining the Doctors report or certificate of Good health, Translation and apostle where applicable, provide all the instructions, information and paperwork needed for the Visa and for the TIE once in Spain.

Get in touch for more information, price start at €950, increasing only with insurance cost.

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