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Updated: Mar 11

Although for many other Non Eu members this is not New, it is to the United Kingdom residents.

Non Lucrative Visa Renewal

It will be time soon for some of you to start thinking about renewing your NLV, you can start to do this from 60 days before and 90 days after, it is always better to start getting a list together and organizing what you need for the Renewal. What is needed for the Renewal? Fortunately you do not need to go back to the country you first applied from, this time it is all done here in Spain. This is also the time to consider if you want to swap to a Self employed visa or if you have had a job offer and can get a sponsor for a work visa, maybe this time you can jump on to a family reunification visa, hopefully you have taken the time to research what is needed for either of these, in this article we will look at just at the renewal of the Non Lucrative, so again it will be no work allowed. First Stage You are going to present a full copy of your passport to prove that you have not left the country for more than 6 months for the first year and no more than 10 months in total (up to the fifth year) you have been resident here.

Not only all pages but if you are uploading, in a singular file and in PDF, for all documents to upload, it makes then neat and tidy and easily accessible for the Immigration to look through with ease.

Monetary Funds As with the initial Application you will need to show the immigration that you can still support you and your family if you are applying for them too. Monetary support, this time they will want to see 400% of the Iprem, this does change yearly but for this year it is €600 monthly and yearly €7200.00 at 100% so this will equal to €28,800 a year, for the 400% for one person and as

I have been told by various immigration officials , if you are able to support yourself with the savings, or a monthly pension as you know these are accepted, what they do say now that for the 3rd year if you have a pension or policy that is maturing or you are selling an asset and the funds will be available for the 3rd year, along with properties and other assets you hold these are also taken into consideration. Although i do not agree, the offices in most areas do want to see double the IPrem. If you are receiving a pension and it matches the Iprem or over and is a guaranteed amount then this will be accepted too as it was for the first application. Of course on the day it is at the discretion of the immigration if they decided to accept or not, so the more attractive your income looks, the better!

PLEASE NOTE, NOT ALL REGIONS ARE THE SAME AND I SUGGEST AN EMAIL TO YOUR IMMIGRATION FOR THEIR REQUISITES AND UP TO DATE INFORMATION Healthcare If you haven't been able to apply with the S1 at the first stage, you can for sure do it this time around, get this sorted now and ready for the submission. After a year of being in Spain you can apply for the convenio-especial, if you wish to go on the Spanish healthcare of course and the cost will be available on request of this at the local Tgss office or a quick look online at the moment it is €60 for under 65 and €157 for over, the link is an example for Valencia Or as in the first year, your preferred healthcare provider, we now have our own in house Insurance who have access to over 35 insurers, please ask me for a referral, or email them at and use code Expay 0408

Police Report This time around you will not need the Police report but please be aware any cautions or reports against you will be on record and will be looked into. Medical Certificate No need for the Medical Certificate this time either!

Other Necessary Documents This time you will need to prove that you have indeed been in the country for more than 183 days, so it may be necessary to show a Tax return, invoices to show payments relating to your previous 6 months, such as utility payments, rents paid, bank statements with movements, not forgetting your residence starts from your TIE so you could have 2 split years. I would suggest filing a tax return for the first year, please speak with me first to discuss as this can be beneficial to the approval of subsequent years,

They have recently been asking for a stamp upon entry for the initial stage

Empadronamiento *Padrón, again needs updating. Marriage Certificate will need updating within 3 months, translated and apostille this can be at your discretion as some ask and some don´t, but for me its always better safe than sorry. My Go to person for Translation will always be Raphael Wiss translation and I now use Zak Walker Apostille and legalisation ltd for the Apostilles.

if you want to have less hassle then we can also offer an all in one service to obtain, translate and Apostille the marriage Certificate. *links below

Children With regards to children and renewals, you will need to show that they are enrolled in school and attending classes regularly. They will need the birth certificates updated within 3 months, translated and apostille again. See above for marriage certificates

THE APPLICATION The application can be done in person with an appointment at one of the immigration offices that does the renewal or online with a digital certificate which i can submit for you with mine, as before once approved, you are then required to obtain the TIE card TASA The first Tasa payment is due at the first stage and is included in our package , one of two as again you will need one for the TIE stage

TIE This again the same process as the first time, in which we need an appointment at the immigration/police station, taking with the approved visa and the necessary Documents. As always i can assist with as much or as little as you like, please feel free to get in touch for a free online face to face or Call. PRICES start at €325+IVA pp and include all paperwork, upload of the first stage so no appointment is necessary, payment to the first Tasa, appointments and paperwork for the TIE.

Be aware Almeria do request a personal digital certificate and we feel other regions my follow suit so we can offer this at a discount if you require us to obtain one

If you wish me to request the Translations and apostilles, i can add this to my fee and pay both companies for you, so you can avoid any excess hassle.

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3 comentários

Venetia House
Venetia House
04 de mai. de 2023

Buenos, the price is on the article at the bottom, the apostle and translation are subject to what the individual company's charge as this is not something i do but their details too are above. kind regards, Venetia


04 de mai. de 2023

Good morning

Looking at renewal of our nlv things expires 15 july.

We are interestelar in your serviles for things it would be for myself and my husband. I have requested our marriage certificate. Could you please let me have the cost of your service and also for the translation and apostile of the marriage certificate.


Barry and Michelle


Diane Hawkes
Diane Hawkes
31 de out. de 2022

Hi Venetia, thanks for the NLV renewal information- so good to have it in plain, easy to understand format. Can I just ask what the current financial figure is for 2 people renewing please?

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