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Non Resident Tax Modelo 210.

All owners of a property in Spain who are tax residence outside of Spain are obliged to present and pay for the Declaration Income Tax for Non-Residents (Form 210) on an annual basis. (Please don’t confuse with the Wealth Tax).

The obligation stems from being an owner of a property and a non-resident, as the law considers from these facts, that you are getting a deemed income. It doesn’t matter whether you rent your property out or not, even if you don’t receive any real income as such, you are still obliged to present this tax declaration.

If the property is in the name of a number of people, each person must present his/her own form 210, according to the proportion they own.

The general flat income tax rate for non-residents is 24%, or 19% if you are a citizen of an EU/EEA state. Other income is subject to Spanish non-resident taxes at the following rates: Capital gains resulting from transferred assets are taxed at a rate of 19%

The deadline to present the Income Tax declaration (form 210) corresponding to the year 2020, is the 31st of December 2021 but obviously, it is not advise leaving it until the last minute as this period coincides with the Christmas holiday period, so be aware of this.

Incomes obtained from renting out a property in Spain,

These must be declared and taxes must be paid in Spain, this is nothing new, renting out properties in Spain without declaring rental incomes seems to be a common practice. The Tax Office is aware of that and a clear message has been sent by the fiscal authorities advising that this situation is going to change.

In fact, in the current Annual Tax return campaign, one of the “slogans” of the Tax Office has been You had better declare your rental incomes, because we can find out if you are renting out your property” in explicit reference to the properties advertised on the internet, although they do have other ways to find out if you have tenants in your property, i.e. electricity bills, etc.

The difference on this, is that they must be declared quarterly and then yearly imputed return on non rental quarters.

I can assist with the preparation of this if needed

In order to prepare the declaration, I will need the following documentation from you:

  • A copy of your purchase Title Deeds ( escritura ).First 3 to 4 pages for the details on the form

  • Copy of your digital certificate(s). One for each person named on the Deeds, these i can obtain for you for a fee *See the link on the DC

  • The rates bill (IBI) of all your properties in Spain (including garages and storage rooms), which is what you pay to the Town Hall yearly, ideally for YEAR 2020, or the latest available.

  • In the case of Rentals tax please get in touch to discuss.

Prices Start at €45+Iva.

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