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"La Renta" The Spanish Tax Return

Updated: Mar 11

The Spanish Tax Return for 2023 can be lodged from the 8th April until the 30th June

If you spent more than six months (183 days) of the calendar year in 2023, your core economic interests or family are in Spain, then you are considered to be a Tax Resident here

As a Fiscal Resident, you will be liable to pay Spanish taxes on your worldwide income and assets and will need to file a Spanish Tax Return.

My personal recommendation is to file one even at NIL, so you know and there is no doubt to the Tax Agency that you are aware and UpToDate with your obligations.

The First year is always compulsory!

“If you are Unsure, don`t forget you can contact me for free no obligation Information, and we can set up a telephone or facetime meeting. My Aim is to help anyway I can and to make it easier for you to enjoy the better things in life than to worry about Tax! I am always friendly and will give you no nonsense honest advice” What income and expenses does the income statement include?

The income that is included in the rent can come from both work income (either employed or self-employed), as well as other types of income such as capital gains or capital income. In Spain, the main revenues are broken down as follows:

  • Earnings from work : Salaries, payroll or pensions, mainly.

  • Income from movable capital: Mainly interest and dividends. But life insurance is also included.

  • Income from real estate capital : These are the income derived from properties available to their owners, leased or assigned to third parties, not related to economic activities.

  • Income from economic, business or professional activities .

  • Capital gains and losses : Derived, for example, from the sale of real estate, shares, obtaining prizes.

Don`t forget you may have certain allowances such as , married couple allowances, allowances for children, disability allowances and certain other allowances due to age and other deductions.

If you are a Autonomo, Business Owner, Landlord and have Holiday lets there are claimable allowance available provided you have all the up to date Receipts and do not forget to ask for Factura Completa which as all your details required for the Tax man!

“Sometimes just a bit of reassurance will take the worry away without the need to do anything else. If you are in any doubt please do not hesitate to get in touch!”

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