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Renewal or Exchange for an Expired Greencard/A4 paper

Although not at all necessary, it may be because your green card/A4 paper is expiring or you just want to exchange for the new TIE card for a more practical and harder wearing form of ID, then you can change for the new TIE at any time.

The Foreigner Identity Card is the unique and exclusive document intended to provide documentation to foreigners in a situation of legal stay in Spain, for which purpose the recipients of the same must complete the actions established for its delivery.

Said Card certifies the legal permanence of foreigners in Spain , their identification and that the authorization or recognition of the right to remain in Spanish territory for a period of more than six months has been granted, in accordance with current regulations.

The Foreigner Identity Card is personal and non-transferable , the custody and conservation of the document corresponding to its holder. However, children or represented minors who are not emancipated or incapacitated may appear on the Card corresponding to the father, mother or legal representative, if so requested by them, without prejudice to the fact that they may be holders of an independent document.

The foreigner who is in Spanish territory has the right and the obligation to keep, in force, the documentation that proves his identity, issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin or provenance, as well as that which proves his situation in Spain .


All foreigners who have been issued a visa or authorization to stay in Spain for a period of more than six months have the right and the duty to obtain the Foreigner Identity Card, which they must personally request within a period of month from their entry into Spain or since the authorization is granted or becomes effective, respectively. Holders of a seasonal residence and work permit will be exempt from this obligation.

The holders of the Foreigner Identity Card are obliged to carry said document with them , as well as to display it when required by the Authority or its agents, without prejudice to proving their identity through their passport or similar valid document.

The loss of the Foreigner Identity Card, its destruction or disablement , will entail the obligation for the holder to immediately request another document with the same validity and validity as the lost, destroyed or unused one.

Foreigners holding the Foreigner Identity Card will be obliged, within a month, to personally inform the Police Station or the police services at the Foreigners' Offices, corresponding to the place where they reside, the changes of nationality and habitual residence, as well as modifications of family circumstances or of any other order that affect the data consigned in the aforementioned document, unless they are required to do so, in which case they must communicate said circumstances within a period of fifteen days from the request. Those foreigners who enjoy refugee status and are domiciled in Madrid must fulfill the above obligations before the police services of the Asylum and Refugee Office in that city.

Contact me for further information and application.

Prices on request dependant on the process of the application

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