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Children’s healthcare in Spain

Children in Spain have free healthcare coverage under their parent or guardian.

If you’re a parent moving to Spain, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Spanish healthcare system ranks highly in global terms. Spain is 19th on the most recent Healthcare Access and Quality Index with a score of 92 out of 100. 98.1% of Spanish children are in good health and only 0.4% are in poor health.

Both scores are better than the EU average.

Spain has a public health system that offers universal coverage to all. This is mostly covered by health insurance payments.

All children who are residents of Spain receive free state healthcare that covers most standard services.

You can take your child to the accidents and emergencies (A&E) department of the nearest Spanish hospital in the event of an emergency.

The hospital should provide treatment even if you are not covered by insurance.

How to access children’s healthcare in Spain

Public healthcare for children in Spain

You can access public healthcare in Spain if you live or work in the country or register with Spanish social security.

All children in Spain receive public healthcare.

As long as you register for state healthcare with the Spanish authorities, your children enjoy the same healthcare rights.

General healthcare services are free for children in Spain. These include the following:

  • Pre-natal and post-natal care

  • Pediatric care up until age 15 (and standard care from a general practitioner after)

  • Free vaccinations until age 14

  • Dental care in Spain until age 15

  • Access to 23 different types of specialty practitioners

  • Prolonged benefits in both standard healthcare and dental care for children with physical or mental disabilities

  • Dental and physical health education, including information on nutrition

  • Free emergency services, including free emergency dental care

Children in Spain tend to see pediatricians rather than general doctors in the early years of their lives. However, you can take your child to see a doctor in Spain. In order to do this, you must register with a local practitioner.

Routine checkups for children in Spain

Spanish pediatricians look after the health and development of your child until the age of 15. This includes carrying out post-birth exams, performing preventative screenings and vaccinations, monitoring development, and referring to specialist services if necessary.

Checks and screenings will be done to monitor the following:

  • height and weight

  • hearing and vision

  • cognitive, mental, and psychological development

  • birth injuries or health issues developing within the first 24 hours of life

  • the general state of health, ensuring that your child is free from infectious diseases and serious health conditions

Your child will usually see a pediatrician at the following times:

  • once a month for the first six months

  • every three months from the age of 6–12 months

  • every four months from the age of 1–2 years

  • twice a year from ages 2–6 years

  • at least once a year from the ages 6–15 years

Dental care for kids in Spain

Although the Spanish healthcare system doesn’t include free dental treatment for adults, dental care for children is free under the Spanish healthcare system until the age of 15.

Dental treatments are available to children between ages 6–15 in Spain. However, this varies across the autonomous regions. For instance, Madrid offers free dental care to children aged 6-16, while Catalonia treats children aged 7–17 for free.

Free dental care for children in Spain includes the following:

  • annual or twice-yearly checkups

  • cavity fillings

  • emergency treatment

  • tooth removals

  • preventative care.

To apply once your child has residency, if you are self employed or employed then you are entitled to register your child as your dependant.

If you are not employed or autonomo then you need to apply under the Bajos Recursos scheme as all minors are entitled to free healthcare.

Get in touch for any assistance.

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