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Non Lucrative Visa

New Offer Package for the Non Lucrative Visa

Escape to Spain with Expay

A one Stop Shop, from start in Your country of residence now, to Finish In your new country of Residence Spain Its an all inclusive package to assist you all the way, letting us do the worrying for you and letting you get on with the packing. The Typical cost is based on a couple age and increases/decrease with Age for Insurance purposes only, there are NO hidden costs or surprises,*Marriage and birth are UK only, what you see is exactly what you get.

The Package offers Translations, Apostilles , Police Reports, Medical Certificates, and Healthcare, marriage and or birth for under 18 years if applicable and then we arrange the appointments at the consulates of choice, produce the necessary forms needed and tell you how to present them at the interview, Insurance is our very own exclusive @Insurance Visa Plus. All paperwork and Documents are all Inhouse with our very own Team. Translations with Raphaela Wiss Translations Apostilles with

Once accepted we then assist with the Empadromiento required to get the TIE, but be aware this is a gratis service as we are limited due to Town halls having different rules and sometimes a local gestor is best for this task but we do assist with the TIE residence card, obtaining appointments and supplying paperwork and clear instructions to finalise the Process for your new life in the Sun. Get in touch with me on

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