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Insurance with Expay

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Insurance Visas Plus have partnered with Expay

We are backed by Generali, who are one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers, incorporated in 1831.

Generali have a presence in 50 countries, with 82,000 employees and 68 million customers.

Here at Insurance Visas Plus we look after all the insurance needs for Expay, with access to over 35 insurance providers.

We offer health insurance policies that are compliant with your Visa criteria, along with getting you the most competitive prices.

We also make sure that the policies we recommend also give you the best hospital and doctor coverage for your area.

We also search for the best renewal policies and prices for you too, whether it's for health, car, house, pet or funeral.

We are very proactive at replying to queries and clients and we pride ourselves on our response times and the quality of the service we offer.

What Insurances do we offer?

The first and most important will be the Health Insurance needed for the Various Visas that Spain offer,

  • To get Visas such as the non-lucrative residency or the golden visa

  • It is required to get the residency card as a family member of a European Union citizen

  • Also necessary for those European Union citizens who want to register in Spain (there are some exemptions )

  • If you are regrouping a family member, like your parents, they also must possess the same health coverage that social security would offer to any other citizen

  • If you are a non-EU citizen who is studying in Spain under her student visa (in this case, you need semi-complete health insurance)

  • Sometimes its in addition to an S1 or other for extra piece of mind.

The main requirements that your insurance contract must meet for the above are:

  • It can’t have copayments, meaning that you pay whenever you go to the doctor.

  • The insurance contract can’t have vesting periods

  • It must be complete and offer the maximum amount of possible coverages: hospitalization, hospital displacement, all kinds of surgical interventions, etc.

  • Coverage on the whole Spanish territory

  • Valid during your stay in the country.

Did you know In Spain, it's common practice for your insurer to auto-renew your policy. Often, you won't even be given a renewal price before the direct debit hits your account!

In the midst of the ongoing cost of living crisis, every penny counts! See if you can save yourself some money on your insurances!

With our Partnership we offer a code to use with Expay for Discounts on all other types of Insurances too!


which dog owners to secure public liability insurance for their furry companions. This obligation will come into effect on September 29, 2023, marking a significant stride in enhancing pet protection.

You must have public liability insurance in place. This will cover any third parties for any damages caused. Many people may have existing cover through another policy and Insurance Visas Plus are happy to run through those documents to confirm you’re covered.


You need to insure all vehicles in Spain to at least third-party liability level. This includes cars, trucks, RVs, motorbikes, and scooters. However, bicycles don’t require insurance. Anyone caught driving without insurance by Spanish police can be fined up to €3,000.

We can offer different levels of cover for your car insurance, we also have a bespoke package that will replace your car for a like for like car in the event of total loss.

The premiums are generally very cheap and can be used in conjunction with a 3rd party policy.


The generic home insurance policy can be catered for any eventuality and cover that you require. We can also include optional extras such as an annual travel insurance cover for a very nominal amount.


Our life insurance products are some of the most competitively priced products on the market. We can also insure up to 180.000€ without the requirement of a full health assessment


We can insure most businesses for all normal risks at an exceptionally competitive premium

Insurance protects what is important to you — and that includes you.

No one likes to think about death, but it is wise to.

A comprehensive funeral insurance provides complete cover from day one.

It eradicates the financial stress and ensures you can have the funeral that you would prefer. *

Our key features

Low yearly payments

Full cover from day one. That's casket, burial services, transportation and memorial /celebration of life ceremony.

Repatriation cover, regardless of where you are when you pass away.

We provide worldwide protection, combined with confidentiality and compassion.

* We can also work with you to pre write your own ceremony. We have our own Accredited Civil Celebrant, who has NOCN Level 3 diploma in funeral celebrancy, the highest qualification possible. This is the only service not included in our funeral insurance.

Please feel free to message us for more information.

Insurance Visa Plus is in association with

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