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I am proud and excited to share with you the other professionals I have the Privilege to now collaborate with.

Since I Started Expay in 2020, I never imagined that it would grow as quickly as it has and I am overjoyed with all the people I have helped, whether it's been a message or a phone call or as most have, become clients and we continue to work together.

Along the way I have had the pleasure of getting to know other professionals, some who do much the same as I do and we help, assist and advice each other,and others who as a business that assist mine in order for me to offer more, because of this I have started to Collaborate with a few , so I will be able to offer you more services in the future, which I know will be better for those that have already used my services and would be happy to continue into the future.


I am already happy to already have the pleasure of working with Linden as he is the Insurance expert and can offer the best advice on all Insurance needed to be a resident in Spain, including being able to offer the much needed medical certificate for the NLV without the need of apostle and Translations.

We are doing an excellent All inclusive deal on the non lucrative visa, in which the insurance, medical report, Acro report, all paperwork necessary including translations and apostles and the TIE Card once in Spain, please see the website of both Expay and Go Spain for further details.

I will only recommend and use Linden for insurances


While I am talking about the translations,not only can I highly recommend a translator that is on the registered list of translators in the UK and Spain,

Raphaela is extremely efficient and will work to your schedule, time willing.

Raphael Wiss has been my go to lady since I started needing the translations for the documents, and I can honestly say she goes above and beyond and I wouldn't know what to do without her!

All my Translations are with Raphela for your piece of Mind


Now my reason for the Article and my big announcement is to tell you that i am now in Collaboration with Spanish Lawyer, we have been in talks and are now ready to work together and to assist in a number of services that so indeed need the expertise, professionalism and qualifications that are required for the services the company offer,they are well established and do speak English, however this is where i can assist and offer to be the go between to make an transactions a little smoother, or be there for a little moral support if needed, by having someone to work with not only in their own country but highly respected and professional too is a must when areas to non nationals are a little intimidating or indeed just different to our laws

Francisco from AF Consulting is highly qualified and has a lot of experience in dealing with the subjects that I am now going to cover and will be writing a few articles on in the coming days.

Fran is a professional with his own expertise in a number of other aspects that can be found on his website linked, but below is just a few that we will be working together on

To name but a few i am happy to supply information on ;

Wills and Inheritance Law

It is highly advisable to make a Spanish will if you own assets in Spain, including Spanish property, as by making a will you will ease the administrative burden on the beneficiaries of your estate and ensure certainty for them upon your death.The general Spanish Succession Law stipulates that your descendants (children) automatically inherit at least two-thirds of your Spanish estate, with priority over a surviving spouse, so it's best to get this sorted out now, rather than later when it could be costly and take time.

Golden Visa

Many have asked about this and while i can give out information and advice I would not personally do them but now i can offer this service with the help and assistance of Francisco, the golden visa is good for those who still need to work and want themselves and maybe the family to live in Spain,

You and your family members will receive Residence Permits, allowing you to live in Spain.

You and your family members can travel to all Schengen Zone countries visa-free for up to 90 days in a 180-day period.

You do not need to live in Spain to renew the Golden Visa.

Property Registry and Real Estate assistance

Verification of ownership and charges. Negotiation and drafting of sales contracts, Tax settlement, record the deeds to begin with and Registry management and Leases, Property sales and purchase tax, mortgage setups and negotiations, help with bank accounts and exchange rates, advice on pensions and much much more.

AF Consulting also offers

Property and Conveyancing

REntal and Registration

Wills and Inheritances

Taxes ands company law

Litigation and personal injury

By working with AJ consulting I would be happy to take details and see if your situation is something we or just AF Consulting can possibly help with, so please message me and ask.

Whatsapp +34 605 386 313

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